The Bridge Award wasestablished to recognize cooperative achievements between GGNRA and Conservancy staff that have strengthered the partnership between the two organizations, benefitted the visitor experience or preserved our natural and cultural resources in a lasting and meaningful way. Here is the 2017 nominee list.



Hilary Beardsley

Caroline Christman

Stephen Covey

Jennifer Greene & Matt Norieka

John Moran

Tom Odgers

Zac Stanley

Miah Taylor

Jonathan Yip



Giessell Aguilar

Lori Brosnan

Michael Chasse

Michael Faw

Alison Forrestel

Tim Hodge

Stef Martin & Kristen Holder

Malorie Matos

Aracely Montero & Frederik Penn

Tori Seher

Group Nomination for: Kay Wang, Takeo Kishi, Rafael Velazquez, Jasmine Reinhardt, MJ Alcantara, Fatima Colindres, Joe Gibson


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