From left to right: John Moran, Michael Faw, Caroline Christman, and Lori Brosnan. Photo by Alison Taggart-Barone.


Caroline Christman was nominated by multiple NPS divisions for her help with projects across the park. Caroline used her technical expertise in the physical sciences to assist Natural Resources with stormwater management, erosion control, and other project management work at Redwood Creek. Additionally, Caroline extender her expertise to assist the Business Management Division with selecting a geotechnical engineer after several landslides impacted the park. Caroline’s expertise has been invaluable throughout the park.


John Moran has promoted the partnership between NPS and the Conservancy by leading joint weekly meetings to discuss visitor services, operations, and ideas for interpretation. He leads by example, encouraging his staff to work directly with NPS any time a safety or operational issue comes up. John also supports excellence in interpretation by encouraging the development of provocative interpretive programs that provide opportunities to be creative and explore interpretive themes on relevant issues.


Lori Brosnan is recognized for her support of the Alcatraz Night Tour and Behind Scenes Tour programs. She has worked tirelessly to foster a collaborative spirit between the Park Service and Parks Conservancy interpretive teams on Alcatraz through joint trainings, field trips and participation in team meetings. Lori is described by her Conservancy colleagues as an amazing role model of passionate, effective interpretation.


Michael Faw is recognized for his outstanding work assisting with the design, development and implementation of many of the elements of the new Presidio Visitor Center.  Michael worked seamlessly with the many agencies involved in this important project and was a key contributor to the successful opening of the Visitor Center this past February.


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