Thousands of people have been affected by the North Bay fires, including some of our staff. Staff members are looking for places that they can turn to help others. Here are two specific places where you can bring or buy donations for the fire victims, and a compilation of other online donation lists.


1. Bring non-perishable, ready-to-eat food items or pet supplies to the GGRO office at 1064 Ft Cronkhite by Friday, Oct 13 at 2pm.

Laura Young, GGRO Operations Manager, will be delivering collected food items and pet supplies to the Redwood Empire Food Bank and Sonoma County Animal Services in Santa Rosa. If you would like to get in touch with Laura after hours to coordinate dropping items off at her home in the East Bay, you can reach her at her cell: (512) 474-2528.

Ready-to-eat food items include: granola bars, snack packs, fruit cups, beef jerky, canned goods with pop-top lids, peanut butter, jelly, nuts, crackers, bottled water and other healthy drinks.

Pet supplies includewater bowls, disposable lasagna pans (for cat/kitten litter), animal food, including: sweet mix for horses or goats, egg layer for chickens, pig feed, dog and cat food (wet or dry - any brand) and grass hay for all, grain buckets, baby/wet wipes.


2. Bring donation items to your local Sports Basement, who will use their trucks to haul donations.

Sports Basement, one of our park partners, is collecting and delivering donations. You can either bring your new donation items, or buy any donation item for 40% off. Items that can be brought or bought, and more information can be found here.


3. Donate online.

If you would prefer to donate online or find other donation options, please see this SF Gate article with links to donation pages by the Red Cross, United Way, #BayAreaUnite, and others. This meta-list from Eventbrite also includes charity lists from 7x7, ABC 7 News, NBC, and Fast Company.

Note that some evacuation centers have enough supplies and don't want drop-off donations, while others only  want specific items, while other organizations only suggest monetary donations. Although it might take more effort to coordinate, please take care to make sure that what you are giving is what your chosen venue would like.


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