Dear Conservancy Colleagues,


It’s hard to believe that we are almost through with the first month of 2018. What a month it has been. Despite progress on so many fronts, we had to cope with the Federal government shutdown. This certainly got the new year off to an unusual start.

As usual, Conservancy staff committed themselves to making their way through this situation. My deep appreciation to all of you for getting us through this challenging, confusing, and dramatic event. On so many levels you worked together, and alongside our partners, so that our staff, volunteers, program participants, and park visitors were well cared for.

Particular thanks to our front-of-the-line staff for helping our visitors navigate the parks during a chaotic time. Thank you to those working with our volunteer community to restore and care for these parks. And, of course, thank you to the staff who work behind the scenes to make sure that our employees were safe and informed during the shutdown.

While we hope that we will not be in store for another shutdown, we realize that this is a possibility. We are reviewing our actions from this last round to prepare and, we hope, improve our planning.

I am excited to see all that we will accomplish together as the year unfolds. Thank you for all you do every day to make these beautiful places “Parks For All Forever.”



Greg Moore


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