The Human Resources Team in collaboration with the Commuter Committee is excited to announce our new commuter benefit program with Navia!

The GoNavia program enables staff to pay for work-related commuting expenses with pre-tax dollars.

This new benefit with Navia begins April 1, 2018.

There are 4 improvements that are coming with this change:

1. We are thrilled to announce that the Parks Conservancy is now offering an employer subsidy! This subsidy will be “dollar for dollar”.

The employer subsidy is as follows:

  • Employees earning $100k and above can receive up to a $25 monthly employer subsidy.
  • Employees earning under $100k can receive up to a $50 monthly employer subsidy.

2. Now staff  have until the 20th of the month to place their orders for the following month.

3. Staff can now load their pre-tax money directly to their Clipper Card. This removes the step of having to load funds onto a Navia card first. Note that Clipper charges a $2 fee for this service.

4. We have found that the Navia website is cleaner and easier to use!

Click the links below to view instructions and other important information:

Please note the following when signing up:

  • Your company code, GGN, will be required for online registration.
  • Please follow the attached sign up instructions, register for a Navia account, then log in to place your order.
  • Important: When placing your order you must include the subsidy in your order amount (desired order amount). Please enter the total amount you want loaded to your card.
  • Under the section New Order Summary, you will see a breakdown of what you are contributing pre-tax for the month and the subsidy amount. 

If you have any issues signing up, please call Navia at 1 (800) 669-3539. They are open Monday – Friday from 5 am – 5 pm.

Update: The 2018 total pre-tax maximum for transit is $260 per month and parking also has a pre-tax maximum of $260 per month. Contributions over $260 a month for parking or transit are loaded onto the card as a post-tax contributions.  These limits are always subject to change.

What happens to your account with My Commuter Card:

If you currently have an account with My Commuter Card, your last order will be for March, and will be loaded onto your card at the end of February.

On March 31st, your card will be turned off. Anyone who has a balance on their card on March 31st, their balance will be rolled over to Navia. You will receive a Navia card in the mail with your balance loaded on it. It can take several weeks to receive your balance on your Navia card. If you sign up for April commuter benefits, your balance will be rolled over to your Navia card several weeks after March 31st.

It is important to note that the GoNavia Program is available year-round to all Parks Conservancy employees. You have to place your order by the 20th of the month prior for use in the following month.

If you have questions on enrolling, please call Navia at 1 (800) 669-3539.

For other questions, please email Holly Chrobak in Human Resources at


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